Clément Renaud

Digital writing technics, places and cultures

Clement Renaud is a researcher, writer and technologist.

He wrote his first computer program in 1995, studied social sciences and design in France and Canada, and moved to China in 2008. Today, he works both as a practitioner for its own projects and as a consultant for non-profits, startups, governments, research institutions, and private companies worldwide.

Clement is the author of several books and articles about digital culture and technology - as well as a developer and maintainer of various software libraries for data visualization, online publishing, etc. His artworks have been exhibited around Europe and Asia.

He owns a phD from ParisTech Telecom. He taught in various academic institutions such as EPFL, Nanjing University, Paris Sorbonne, HEAD Geneva, Heidelberg University, or Harvard. He has been associate researcher at the Institute for Complex Systems at ENS de Lyon (IXXI) and at the Centre Norbert Elias (EHESS). He is currently an Advisory Board member at the Fabricatorz Foundation (USA).

As today, some of his predilection topics are: the evolution of writing tools and technics, the representation of changes, the frontiers of visual arts, the planning of megacities, the intersections of technological and natural ecosystems, Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area.

Latest post: New working paper about global history of computer seen from Shenzhen, China - 15 November 2023