Hello, I am Clément Renaud.
Welcome to my website.

I am a creative researcher and developer exploring the transformations of societal, technological and natural ecosystems.

You will find some samples of my work here.

Depending on what you are looking for, you could start by reading about me, check my portfolio, or look into my books, scientific publications and writings.

I am always happy to meet new people and learn, so feel free to get in touch!

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[BOOK] REALTIME : Making Digital China

“REALTIME : Making Digital China” is an investigation about China’s digital and urban infrastructure, practices and imaginary spaces. It was published at EPFL Press on Jan 7, 2020. Learn more »

[PORTFOLIO] Recent projects

  • Cryptology Shenzhen, China - 2020

    Cryptology is a private workshop and public art exhibition exploring energy, nature & technology.

  • Micro Meso Macro Lyon, France - 2019

    A conference where scientists designers, architects and artists explore the new frontiers of data practices and representations.

  • Shanzhai Archeology Shenzhen, China - 2018

    Shanzhai Archeology is a collection of original phones from the technological interbreeding Made in China.

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