Clément Renaud

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2020 - Shenzhen, China

Cryptology is a private workshop and public art exhibition exploring energy, nature & technology.


Cryptology is a 2-days Private Workshop & Public Art Exhibition in Shenzhen (China) on nature, technology and the new energy culture. The first edition happened on Sat Jan 4 & Sun Jan 5 for the 10-year renewal of open hardware pioneer initiative Qi Hardware.

Topics that were discussed : health, energy practices, cooking, hardware manufacturing, nature, zerowaste, natural capital accounting, growing plants and products and people :)

The BTC Miner Arch - by Matt Hope

Ulva haagarphora by JP Renaud

Beginning of a Code of Conduct

  • This is a BYOE event, meaning Bring Your Own Energy
  • This is not a conference, unconference, or a summit.
  • This is an active event, focused on doing. The final results are shown on the final day, as a public exhibition.
  • This is not a retreat or conference, but a RECHARGE, both creatively and spirtually and mentally.
  • The number one rule is to be happy.
  • Be generous. Share.
  • You get what you give.
  • Participation in the private 2 days of building is capped at 88 people.
  • The public event is open to the public.
  • ALL AGES, towards a family event.
  • Non-scammer only.
  • Just keep growing!