Clément Renaud

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Aether Mashup

2013 - Beijing, China

A troll surveillance device that sniffs browsing activity over wifi and broadcast the best parts on a screen in real-time.

Aether Mashup

Aether Mashup is an interactive installation that explores ongoing digital exchanges and activities on a given geographical area. During a one-month residency program in the art village of Caochangdi (near Beijing),

we created a portable device that turns wifi conversations into streams of images and sounds within a specific perimeter.

The project was produced at RAWR! in Caochangdi during the Beijing Design Week. shown at the GeoCities-Smart Cities Biennale at the Chinese Museum of Digital Art and in the Make+ show at V-Art Center in Shanghai.

By Clément Renaud, Nicolas Maigret and Lionel Radisson.
With the support of Make+, Caochangdi (CCD – The Community), Fabricatorz and Institut Français.