Vuvox : online multimedia collage

Vuvox is an online application that allows you to create interactive and multimedia collage. The collages take the form of a big multimedia scroll with as many interactive bubbles and interactions as you want. Choose a topic, gather your pictures, sounds and videos and reach for an Internet connection. You're ready.

There is some of the functionalities:

  • You will have to register before beginning to create a multimedia project.
  • You can add interactive legends and diaporamas anywhere.
  • You can add pictures directly from your Flickr, Picasa or Smugmug account or upload it.
  • You can create galleries to organize your multimedia content.
  • You can create "cut-out" from your images with the deep-etch tool.
  • You can add commercial links to the interaction and directly sell products from the presentation.
  • You can add sound to your presentation (mp3,ogg)
  • You can use any media in different project.
  • You can save your projects easily.
  • You don't have to host anything.
  • You won't be able to embed videos from video platforms. You'll have to upload your Flash files (.swf)
  • You can export it, embed it directly on Facebook or on your blog (Thumbnail, ,Windowed or Full presentation)

I made one collage about Wuhan (China), the city where I live now. It will give you a more precise idea of what is possible to do with this website.


A question? A comment?

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