About French Internet

Just to share here a presentation about French Internet context and situation. I made this document for a lecture on this topic at Wuhan University in April 2010.

Xiao Jun, an associate professor from Communication & Journalism School of Wuhan University invites me during her lessons to give a 3 hours lecture on French Internet (thanks to her). It was a really good opportunity to discuss with Chinese students about some Internet hot topic. The debate on privacy gives birth to a lot of questioning about the purposes of Internet and its possible evolution. Students and teachers were pleased with the lecture, as they don't have a lot of opportunities to see what is happening in France on Internet.

+ Presentation content:

Intro: Traditional media crisis / History of Internet in France / French providers / French netizens / Blogosphere / Social networks + Privacy /Portals / Network Neutrality / Alternative info / Internet mobile / Conclusion: Freedom and risks online


+ I added a special part about Dailymotion.com - a French video sharing platform - to answer a special request from a student.


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