'Maker Communities: A Landscape of Spaces and Practices' - a lecture at Shenzhen University of Science and Technology

Hi there, for those interested about the spaces and practices of the “makers”, I am giving a public lecture (online) tomorrow for the Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts at Shenzhen University of Science and Technology.


Maker Communities: A Landscape of Spaces and Practices



New narratives of empowerment and economic transformation through a more socially inclusive practice of technology has recently developed under the name of “maker movement”. A heterogeneous group of people and organisations have found a common ground in redefining processes of production at the margin of the traditional working system. In numerous cities, an array of new places such as makerspaces, hackerspaces, fablabs, co-working spaces have been promoting these new ways of producing, working and thinking. These creative communities and spaces generally represent an accepted disruption of the traditional fabrication ecosystem, and have therefore partly been coopted by states and large companies as part of their innovation strategies. During this lecture, we will take a look at some of the multiple social settings and spatial forms taken by these initiatives in China, Europe and the US. By doing so, we will consider how local practices and global narratives around industrial innovation are shaping urban realities.


Clément Renaud 博士

主讲人Clément Renaud 博士是法国人,在法国高等电信学校获得管理与信息系统的博士学位,现在任职于瑞士洛桑联邦理工学院、法国里昂高等师范学院等欧洲研究机构。Clément Renaud 博士是活跃在欧洲和中国的知名城市研究学者以及数码艺术家,其研究融汇媒体、数字创意设计、城市研究等多个学科领域,通过创意艺术、民族志、基于实践的研究等形式,揭示不同语境下当代城市生活的多样性与可能性。

Dr. Clément Renaud

Dr. Clément Renaud obtained his PhD in Management and Information Systems from Telecom ParisTech. He is now taking multiple positions in European research institutions, including a Postdoctoral Fellowship at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland and a Research Engineer position at ENS de Lyon. Dr. Clément Renaud is also an active digital artist and urban researcher based in Europe and China. Integrating creative digital media, ethnography, and action-based research methods, Dr. Clément Renaud’s work contributes a sharp observation of how we perceive and experience contemporary urban environments and lives in various local contexts across the world.


时间:2020年5月13日(周三)16:30-18:00 网上课堂ZOOM会议号:667 6195 6795,密码:290875 主讲语言:英语 主办:南方科技大学人文社会科学荣誉学会

Time: May 13, 2020 (Wednesday), 16:30-18:00

Online ZOOM Meeting ID: 667 6195 6795 Password: 290875

Language: English

Host: Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts, SUSTech

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