What have been the consequences of the French law banning the Burka?

One of the main consequence has been to create a long and painful racist debate within the French society that has once again given occasions for all sort of extremely binary-minded and scary persons to reach a larger audience.

The other main consequence has been to force the people wearing Burka to stay only in the few districts often remote from city centers where others still tolerate - i.e. understand - them. This was pretty much the case before anyway because of latent hate and fear towards Middle East Muslims in France.

 This sort of law didn ‘t actually intend to change anything or even to be enforced. Politics in France have been flooded by those sort of so-called “laws “ that are mostly attempts to seduce radical voters with racist statements and prevent them from hating the state.

As a final answer, the main consequence of such a law is just making things worst for everyone by tearing the country apart when the situation just requires people to urgently talk to each other.

This text was originally published in quora.

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