Which universities are in Ningbo, China and which fields are they strong in?

I know Ningbo university have been experimenting with intedisciplinary teaching as part of a very interesting project called Toyhouse, which is basically an online platform where students have to share their homework. The Toyhouse project is run by ex-MIT Pr. Ben Koo from Qinghua University and UNESCO and he has setup a medialab in Ningo university focused on design and technology.

They have actually a faculty teaching how to make music instruments which have been cooperating through creative workshops with computer science, design and engineering students . The concept of Toyhouse is to bring a more playful environment for Chinese students to have transversal projects between majors. This is pretty unique experience as it aimed at License students and take place in the very static environment of Chinese university. I remember they were building a sort of boat-like device to collect garbages from the lake nearby - pretty awesome homework actually.

Also Ningbo University was hosting a big data center that should be allocated for video learning and MOOC-like projects - but the allocation is not happening AFAIK. The campus I am talking about is pretty remote from the city, not sure if anything of those still happening now.

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