Clément Renaud

Maker Cities in China
2015 , Shenzhen, China

A 2-year postdoc inquiry about the emergence of new urban models for innovation and open-source in China

Open Innovation Models in Urban China (OPIMPUC) was an academic research project that studies the emergence of new urban places dedicated to technologies (hackerspaces, coworking spaces, fablabs, etc.) in the context of China’s urban and industrial transformation.

More specifically, this project aimed at providing insights on the role of practice inherited from the open-source communities, and their relationships with the Chinese traditional manufacturing sector, including the shanzhai conterfeiting industry. Fieldwork was held in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong-Kong and Nanjing. The project lead to several scientific publications and conferences, as well as reports in newspapers and magazines.

Funded by the French National Agency under the Innovative Societies program. Read the official announcement

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