Why is France 's President Macron talking tough about China when he is facing so many problems in French society and in the EU?

He is not - see @Robin Daverman s answer.

He is just upset with Italy because he thinks they should have consult with France and Germany before joining BRI. That is the unwritten rule of the EU: Southern and Eastern countries needs validation from France and Germany for all major strategic decisions. The “strategic error” Macron is talking about is a European one, even though it involves China.

On a side note, it is amazing to see how little energy it took Beijing to take advantage of the divide between European countries. I am sure Chinese leaders are very excited to get premium access to these little fragmented, old and rich euro markets! Will Italy start buying Chinese trains because they are cheaper than the French and German ones? How ridiculous….

Really, the European Union economical policies are such a disaster that there is zero solidarity left, even between our neighbours. China can not be blamed here - such a juicy move. Macron is just showing how few power he actually holds by trying to appear presidential and express some anger but the direction is all wrong.

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