Does Lyon have a good airport?

Not really. It is good enough if you fly to Europe or Mediterranean region. There is also international companies that goes further such as Emirates, but it lacks of direct routes to Eastern Asia for instance. It has been expanding recently with a new terminal and traffic is increasing as well so new routes may open.

One of the reason is that you have Geneva and Paris at less than 2h distance by train where you can fly everywhere in the world, so most of the time it makes more sense to get a direct flight from one of these cities than to fly from Lyon and change planes.

Another issue is that the local public transportation to the airport is a shame. There is only one tramway which is under a monopoly so pricing is ridiculously high and the line is often disfunctional. Alternative public transport options are banned because of the monopoly. You can uber in but the existing train could just be operated better.

As much as I love living in this city, its airport is not the best part.

This text was originally published in quora.

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