What is the relationship like between China and France?

France was one of the first Western country to recognise the People Republic of China. The General de Gaulle considered Mao as a fellow fighter in the war against the Axis and sent an ambassador to China as soon as he was elected.

Since then, both country have considered their relationships as “friendly”. French companies have been making very good money in the Chinese market for the last decades (luxury, cosmetics, aeronautics, etc). China has been exported tons of his products to France. Paris also have the largest Chinese community in Europe.

Sarkozy made some ridiculous faux-pas in 2008 but all went back to normal quickly. The idiot claimed that he will boycott the Olympics ceremony over Tibet, following Merkel announcing something similar. Beijing warned him that he was “hurting their feelings”. They threaten to retaliate on trade. Some Carrefour supermarkets got attacked. The European Council got angry on him. He stuttered some excuses, took a plane and went to attend the ceremony. Besides achieving nothing and tarnishing the credibility of French diplomacy even more, he helped China to prove once again how easy it was to divide Europe.

Macron knows better and has been grooming Xi quite well, offering him a horse from his own personal guard [1 ]as a payback for involving his wife [2 ] in the cuteness powerhouse that is China’s panda politics [3 ].

In many regards, both countries share a lot. Their political traditions are a long story of inflated administration headed by omnipotent leaders. But more important, most problems can be solved by a good meal. It just have to look good and taste fabulous.


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[2 ]Brigitte Macron a baptisé le bébé panda prêté par la Chine «Yuan Meng»

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