Are Shanghai husbands the most lady-whipped men in China?

I was once in Shanghai, waiting for someone who was late. It was on People’s square during the weekend so there were this big weekly marriage market. I engaged conversation with two mothers who were looking for partners to marry their daughters.

After few minutes of discussions, my investigation resulted in the following market analysis :

  • Ladies from Shanghai should find a husband from Shanghai
  • If she is from Puxi, she can not marry in Pudong
  • If the husband is from Zhejiang, Suzhou or Hangzhou, he should at least own property in Puxi
  • Ending up with a Southerner will be considered treason
  • Marrying a Westerner/Northerner will bring shame on the family for centuries
  • Marrying a foreigner will lead the parents to liquidate all their assets before the wedding and pretend to have lost everything to Mahjong tables

Such planned marriage economy leads to disastrous consequences for Shanghai men that are forced to supply for Shanghai families’ demand. They are raised to please their wives. leaving them without a choice but becoming the most persecuted husbands in China, as this very serious study seems to indicate [1 ].

Disclaimer : this answer should not be used to chose or persecute a partner.


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