Who is Alain Juppé?

Alain Juppé is a French political animal. He has a formidable ability to survive generations of politicians. He has the reputation of a reliable and quiet conservative politician, with extensive experience at the highest levels of the state.

Trained as an administrator and tax inspector, he was Chirac’s fidel lieutenant in charge of the financials. As a loyal soldier, he took a bullet for him during a case [1 ] which lead him to lose the mayor office in Bordeaux, his political fief. He spent a year in exile in Montreal and reappeared to be immediately reelected in Bordeaux. When Sarkozy got elected, first thing he did was to give Juppé a “super ministry” to prepare new industrial and fiscal reforms.

His last battle to date was during the primary for the presidential elections, which he lost to Fillon. In a classic move, he joined the ranks of Macron after his defeat.


[1 ][Affaire des emplois fictifs de la mairie de Paris


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