What would you say is the biggest problems facing the millennial/Generation Z today?

Aging population.

In most developed and developing countries, millenials are evolving in a society where the larger part of the population is older than them and hold most of the wealth. Aging population has low activity so the active part has to bear more costs.

Buying property still the main decisive factor of wealth but buying a house has become much harder. Compound interest makes it easier for elder people to acquire more property, putting newcomers at a disadvantage.

Heritage was traditionally one major source of wealth transfer between generations. People living longer, this does not happen anymore. At least not before your 50s or 60s maybe.

So millenials are in a situation where they have to reinvent society to face this new deal, but they are facing lots of inertia because the current status quo benefits the elder majority of the population.

This text was originally published in quora.

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