What 's the difference between Etherium and Etherium Classic (ETC)?

ETC is a fork of ETH that happened after the DAO hack. The ETH community that was against hard forking to retrieve funds lost during the DAO hack went on creating ETC.

The token and chain work almost in the same way but differences are increasing as time go by. ETH is more widely used. ETC is small but getting more attention these days.

One of the main difference AFAIU is that the ETC community don ‘t really believe in the ability of the Proof of Stake protocol to replace Proof of Work. A significant amount of work go to PoS in ETH community, without much results so far. ETC stick to growing PoW to make their network secure.

ETH is cool (esp dev tooling) but really lacks of proper hardware support, so maybe ETC has a card to play here.

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