Why is Qingdao chosen as the venue for 2018 Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization?

Qingdao has a vast number of high-end and luxury resorts, plus a growing track record of hosting prestigious international guests - mostly in cinema and entertainment industry.

The place where the summit is hosted (Laoshan mountains) already host secondary residencies of some of the most high-profile Chinese politicians - including Jiang Zemin. It is famous for beautiful scenery, tea, beer, clean water and amazing seafood.

Qingdao is also the main Chinese naval base in the yellow sea and one of the strategic point of PLA presence. There is numerous Chinese military constructions right under Laoshan mountains, where the summit is to be held.

Also there is a very high number of Koreans and Japanese living in Qingdao, mostly entrepreneurs and factory owners often there for decades with their whole families. A place of deep connections towards that side of Asia, for sure.

Besides all these, holding the summit in Qingdao may also be a good way to showcase a nice and vibrant city with some large and recent infrastructures (like giant tunnels under the sea), plus future projects (new airport, new districts, etc).

Potentiel OBOR/AIIB clients attending the summit will surely appreciate to see a city that is known on one hand for tourism and quality of life, on the other hand for heavy and hi-tech industry.

Looks like Qingdao provides a nice and secure ad for China.

This text was originally published in quora.

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