Workshop and talks in Shanghai

Flyer Workshop Shanghai

Places and Spaces for Making is a 1-day multi-disciplinary research workshop to map, visualize and document places and spaces where people have been experimenting new ways to tinker with technology in Shanghai.

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欢迎参加 ″创客城市” 工作坊!

我们是一支来自瑞士洛桑理工大学的国际研究团队。长期以来致力于”城市与创新”的研究。 此次活动我们希望运用数据可视化的方式来记录与讨论在上海尝试利用新技术改变城市的地方,以及上海的创客空间。这些将会在一天的实验研究工作坊中实现。

活动参与者 : 我们希望参与者们来自于不同的学科与领域。你可以是任何人,没有各种限制。欢迎大家的热情参与。 活动时间 : 上午10点 - 晚上8点以后

上午10点 - 下午5点 : 工作坊

活动里我们会干什么? - 记录一些创客空间和地点的变化 - 一起讨论,写东西,收藏数据,画地图和可视化图 - 分享个人经验,介绍创客空间的项目 - 认识新朋友,学习新技术,一起玩一下 - 做出一本小书 - 注入自己的想法并把它做出来!

下午5点半 - 晚上8点 : 结论和讲座


瑞士修手机的文化:从非正式的修补到沉默的创新 —— Anaïs Bloch · 瑞士 · 日内瓦造型艺术学院(HEAD)

Anaïs Bloch 是一位来自瑞士的产品设计师,日内瓦造型艺术学院(HEAD)和洛桑造型艺术学院(ECAL)的研究员和设计老师 。她将会为大家介绍自己的研究,关于瑞士修手机的文化。项目链接(英文)

新产业和空间变化 —— Emanuele Protti · 意大利 · 都灵理工大学(Polito)

Emanuele Protti 是一个建筑师和博士研究员,来自都灵理工大学Future Urban Legacy Lab(FULL). 他讲座的内容是关于新城市经济现象对工业建筑和空间变化。

晚上8点以后: 讲座之后,我们会为大家准备一些简餐。


  • 周六2018年三月三号
  • 工作放: 上午10点 - 下午5点 / 讲座 : 下午5点半 - 晚上8点
  • 语言: English/中文
  • 地点: 江宁路77号恒顺大楼3楼 —— 点评网

10-5pm : Workshop

Join us for a collaborative writing session where we will create a booklet containing texts, maps and visualizations about spaces for making in Shanghai.

What will we do during the day?

  • Document spaces for makers and making in Shanghai
  • Collect, record, map, visualize findings and existing data
  • Shoot videos, record sound, write things
  • Produce a zine/booklet

What can you contribute ?

  • Bring your pictures, images, objects, souvenirs
  • Share your experience, projects of feedbacks
  • Write a text, article or views
  • Draw a map or create some visualization
  • You name it!

Why you should come?

  • Share your insights, feedbacks and experiences about making in China
  • Learn more about mapping and visualization
  • Take part in the creation of a handmade booklet
  • Discover new perspectives about making in China
  • Meet new people
Read more about the workshop here

5.30-8pm : Talks

We will give a presentation of the results, followed by two talks:

Mobile Repair Culture : from informal repair to silent innovation · by Anaïs Bloch (HEAD Geneva, Switzerland)

Front of a mobile phone repair shop (Los Angeles). © HEAD – Genève

Anaïs Bloch is a designer and ethnographer, working both as scientific researcher at the Geneva School of Arts and Design (HEAD – Genève) and as design lecturer at the Lausanne School of Arts and Communication (ERACOM – Lausanne). Her work focuses on observing and documenting new media practices, as well as producing design projects to explore the boundaries between anthropological research methods, art and design. She holds a Bachelor in industrial design from the School of Arts and Design in Lausanne (ECAL – Lausanne) and a Master in anthropology from the University College London (UCL – London).

Project link

Places for a new industrial revolution, spaces for new economy · by Emanuele Protti (Torino, Italy)

photo: pxhere - CCO

Emanuele Protti, architect and phD researcher at Future Urban Legacy Lab in Politecnico de Torino in Italy. His research is focused on spatial transformation of industrial architecture due to the formation of new urban economies, defining practice which reformulates relationship between production and the contemporary city. The phenomenon of urban manufacturing is analyzed in its architectural characters and in the social relationships these places convey. After studying in Barcelona and Sao Paulo he collaborates with different professional realities. In 2016 he won in collaboration with PlaC studio the international competition for the redevelopment of the industrial sector Pasubio in Parma.

The day will end with drinks and snacks.

Date: Saturday March 3rd 2018
Time workshop: 10-5pm / talks : 5.30-8pm
Language: English+Chinese
Place: Xspace, Jiangning Rd 77 3rd Floor, 江宁路77号恒顺大楼3楼 - See on Dianping / 点评网

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This workshop is part of a larger research initiative at the Institute of Area and Global Studies at EPFL in Switzerland and supported by the National Swiss Fund for research. A similar workshop is held in Shenzhen the week after.

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