Which is the best place to live in lyon, France, for a family?

Several English speaking families I know live near Ste Foy les Lyon, where the international school is located. It is a quiet and cosy suburb with gorgeous scenery on the Soane river and the mountains around. It is just 15min by bus and 5 by car from the city center.

If your kids are very young, there is also Croix-Rousse, a very typical and lovely French neighborhood right in the city center. Lots of young parents live there for the high quality of life (big fresh market everyday, very few cars, quiet and safe neighborhood, etc.) and the numerous schools. There is a German speaking primary school and a few international kindergarten.

As other mentioned, the 6th district is also a quiet and wealthy one, home to Lyon’s oldest families. Consulates are located there and you can also find good schools, mostly French speaking - but your kids will learn quickly :)

Those three places are basically Lyon’s Most expensive neighborhoods but if you come with a relocation or expat package, it should be okay.

If you need info, just let me know and I can expand this answer.

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