Are the comparisons of Hitler and Trump valid?

Historical comparisons are useful to identify and reflect on similar patterns and strategies in our history. They are valid as long as they don’t try to imply that things are equals.

On the topic of comparing Hitler and Trump, I warmly recommend you to read this (long) article in the Los Angeles Review of Books by Ron Rosenbaum, one of Hitler’s biographers.

What I want to suggest is an actual comparison with Hitler that deserves thought. It’s what you might call the secret technique, a kind of rhetorical control that both Hitler and Trump used on their opponents, especially the media. [1 ]

On a sidenote, I have no idea how someone can claim that Trump has “very little ideology”. Please check his books [2 ] and let me know if you see any absence of ideology [3 ] in it.

[1 ] Against Normalization: The Lesson of the “Munich Post” - Los Angeles Review of Books

[2 ] Donald J. Trump: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

[3 ] Ideology being defined as : “A set of doctrines or beliefs that are shared by the members of a social group or that form the basis of a political, economic, or other system.”, The Free Dictionary

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