How much money can you earn as a private practice psychiatrist?

Looking at the details of your question, I strongly suggest you never try to become a psychiatrist.

Now, here is your answer. To increase profits as a psychiatrist is fairly easy : cheat your patients and promise you will cure them. The people you will deal with are mostly in distress or going through difficult times in their life.

You can easily lie to them in saying you will save their lives, many may believe you because that is what they want to hear from you. You can maximize your profits by talking to them only a few minutes repetitively and charging an unreasonable price for it. Also close a deal directly with some pharmaceutical company to buy cheap drugs and push it to your patients with good margins.  Send them some random electronic devices by mail and tell them to place it on their heads while you are talking to them on Skype. Stop doing the calls yourself and open a call center in India. With all those profit, open a “research center “ to organize your own conferences about your own discoveries.

Seriously, there is already too many people out there that claim to be psychiatrists but are just seeking money from the despair of others. Don ‘t be that guy, please. Do your job well, talk to your patients and take the time to understand them instead of throwing drugs and try to do miracles.  You will make a good reputation, earn good money and have a good life. You will even be able to look at yourself in a mirror.

Just don ‘t play with others ‘ life.

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