What are links to interview statistics/information for the immigrant populace trying to gain entrance into the UK from Calais and France?

Sadly, reliable information about the situation in Calais is very hard to find. Associations like Medecins Sans Frontieres have been asking to the gov to launch an official investigation for years.

Last year, the French Interior Minister Bertrand Cazeneuve finally commissioned a research [1 ]. It contains some background information about the situation like stats, maps, etc but the overall methodology is weak - no interviews or sayings by the migrants themselves - ans conclusions are flawed - no long-term vision, just small fixes.

To get a grasp about the situation on the ground, you can check those articles (in French) :

Also this website (in English) https://calaismigrantsolidarity ….

Finally, if you want to talk to people there, you should try to contact the associations providing support to the migrants in Calais :

Then the best way is just to go there and witness. Be ready tough. Seeing people in misery tracked down by cops in the woods is an absolute horror vision.

[1 ] Rapport à Monsieur le Ministre de l ‘Intérieur sur la situation des migrants dans le Calaisis -  (July 2015, in French

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