Is it safe to travel to Greece? If I travel there, do I need to take any precautions?

Yes, absolutely safe. I am travelling in Greece right now and there is many tourists. Everything still there : incredible scenery, superb food, small cafes - and endless discussions about politics and the future of Greece if you want.

Many Greek people have been suffering from last 5-6 years of crisis but life goes on anyway, and they are as friendly and hospitable as they always were.

A Greek friend of mine went to the airport yesterday pick up someone. When she came back she said to me : * “When I saw those families of tourists getting out of the plane,  I was so cheered that I really wanted to thank them and wish them all a very good time in my country. “*

NB : No need to worry about ATM limitations because it doesn ‘t apply to foreign cards. I have tried it first hand 2 days ago.

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