What are the things that can only be done in Wuhan, China?

  • Attend a crowded show of a Chinese punk band playing bagpipes and meet people writing anarchist pamphlets in a squat in China.
  • Listen to hundreds of students recitating and reading aloud their English texbooks facing a wall while another hundred is having military training on the other side.
  • Visit eleven brand new and almost empty university campus in a single day.
  • Watch some Chinese business man playing with a dragon kite for an hour on the banks of the Yangzi river.
  • Taste the typical Wuhanese breakfast by going in a small backstreet behind a university in the early morning. Enjoy the crowd and the life there and just “get across the morning “ (guozao) with some delicious food ( hot noodles, tofu and eggs, etc.)

Only in Wuhan !

This text was originally published in quora.

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