I live in the United States, but I want to find a job in Shanghai. How does one go about the search?

If visa is not an issue, then just buy a plane ticket and go there. More than going straight to Shanghai, I will advice you to go around China for a month or so to see a little bit what the rest of the country looks like. Then, once you know some basic Chinese words and have a first understanding of the general situation, just go to Shanghai. There you can attend events (look on meetup), meet tons of people and you should find something quickly. The city is booming and there is tons of interesting opportunities there but as Nicholas Krapels said : you need to be in Shanghai first.

If you are in tech, check here : Clément Renaud ‘s answer to What is the best place to meet Internet tech startup people such as VCs, entrepreneurs, or people working at startups in Beijing and Shanghai?

Good luck and enjoy. Shanghai is a fantastic city !

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