Why is the Eiffel Tower so well known? What is it famous for?

Originally Answered: Why are we so obsessed with the Eiffel Tower?It is all about the history behind, not really about the building itself.

The Eiffel Tower was built for the 100th anniversary of the French revolution during the International Exhibition in Paris in 1889. As Josephmentioned, it was made of steel and single out as a remarkable piece of engineering at that time.

It becomes a symbol of the power of colonial / industrial model of civilization promoted by Europe back then. The other big symbol from the same architect (Gustave Eiffel) is the Statue Of Liberty in NYC. It was given by France to the city of New York for the 100th anniversary of US Declaration of Independence at the same period.

Both still exist as expressions of important parts of modern history and have became key marketing pieces for both nations.

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