What kind of organizational discrimination will exist in the future?

In a relatively near future :

    • “Sorry, we are looking for robots only. “*
    • “Your IP address belongs to a range forbidden by our company. Could you use a proxy? “*
    • “You are running outdated hardware, sorry. “*
    • “I didn ‘t find you on Google. What happened there? “*
    • “What were you thinking exactly 10 years ago when you wrote xXX on this website? “*
    • “How come you can not read any Python after being a butcher for 10 years? “*
    • “We don ‘t hire people with such an awful background picture on their desktop. “*
    • “I see you are calling me from a Windows phone. Really? Grotesque. Bye. “*
    • “This AI reported that you have used some copies of patented models of candles during your last wedding anniversary. Was it intentional? “*
    • “I am sorry but we can not tolerate people with less than 99% Caucasian DNA in our company. “*
    • “You speak way too many languages, please try to unlearn some. We have a program to help you for that. “*
    • “What ? You want to be paid ? How dare you? We are working on changing the world with open source projects here ! “*
    • “Well, based on our predictions from our AI investors board : you will fail. So please, don ‘t try or you will be punished. “*
    • “The future shows clearly that you won ‘t fit in the evolution of the culture of our company. In 7.2 years, you will be a good father, a fidel employee and a nice person. But by then we will have turn completely evil to maximize our short term profits. Please leave (now!). “*
    • “You failed to answer this email in less than 5 min. You are fired. “*
    • “Oh, you mean that friendly colleague of yours that was there yesterday? Well, he didn ‘t post any selfies on the super cool wall of our company ‘s social network for the last 2 days so we had to let him go. “*
    • “Look boy, if you really want to turn those notifications off, fine. But we will have to take it from your salary. “*
    • “GMT+x ! haha what a ridiculous timezone ! You should be happy to work for us, no? “*
    • “Ok you can just use this low bandwidth with restricted access without the user password. If you need anything, this AI on the svreen on your right can execute admin tasks. “*
    • “Look, I just check your whole family tree online and I can not see anyone that have been to Harvard here. So why are you applying to our company? “*
    • “You mean @yahoo.com ? Like this old website from the 90s? You re kidding me. Do you have another email address ?*
    • “His personal website is not made of static pages and even use some PHP. We can not decently accept that. “*
    • “You have only 100 projects that you made on your own without being paid to contribute to the growth of the 10 biggest companies in the world. I don ‘t see any real motivation to work here. “*
    • “Your Amazon profiles shows that you still buy books. Are you a weird fetishist or something? “*
    • “Again, we cannot accept that you bring your drones at work. It is too risky. “*

Enough ! :)

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