What will be the response to the Islamic terrorists in the aftermath of the attack on the French Magazine Charlie Hebdo?

According to the actual political climate in France, I will say that this event will allow far-right parties to gain enormous traction. People are shocked, and after being scared many will want to “do something “ by becoming active to protect the civil society. Big organisations like political parties and associations will then welcome them to become militant. 

There won ‘t be a direct “backlash against muslims in general “ (as stated in the question), but the National Front and other anti-islam groups will have more space in the media to preach the “cultural war “ between Western and Muslim countries. They will also benefit from massive support from all over Europe and the world under the flag of “protecting the values “.

In many of the main cities of France, violent and non-violent anti-islam groups have already been pretty active in recruiting new members and train themselves to talk to the cameras. This trend will grow faster. In this dark day, I don ‘t see anything that can really prevent the National Front to win the next presidential election in France. Hollande is weak, Sarkozy is a mess and other left-wing party doesn ‘t seem to have enough structure nor experience.

It is really a sad day for France and the rest of the world. Many doors that were still open are now closing and there is so many people on the paths of war that we will have to be stronger than ever to not fall into the big trap our world is offering us.

This text was originally published in quora.

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