Data Journalism: Input or tips needed: Which visualization?

As mentioned below by Matt Lutze, d3  is a very good option.

Once you have formatted your data properly, you can use Raw to put together a visualization and share it on the web. Raw is an online wrapper to d3.js developed by Density Design in Polytechnic University of Milano. It is free and very handy.

Your data should be in csv, coma-separated. A dataset showing relationship is available on the Raw website. Data structure seems quite similar to what you are working with :  

Cocktail,Parts,Ingredient Bloody Mary,9,vodka Bloody Mary,18,Tomato juice Bloody Mary,3,lemon juice Gin and Tonic,12,Gin Gin and Tonic,29,Tonic Water Screwdriver,10,vodka Screwdriver,20,orange juice

Good luck !

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