What are five significant advantages China and the Chinese Communist Party have over the west?

Authority As said below, decisions can be enforced without long processes and debates. (If this is an advantage right now, it is also a great danger for CCP)

Means of production are available there. Not only  “cheap labour “ and “lots of people “ but also actual factories, international distribution channels, shipment, etc. China can produce and deliver virtually anything, like nowhere else.

Media under control. This is major advantage for CCP on the short run, then it can become a threat quickly. That is why some sort of media like Weibo actually exists, to give a sense of relief to civil society. CCP will have forbid it but people need some way to talk about their discontents.

Common wound. This is crucial. People in China has the sense of a common pain from the past that they need to overcome. Everyone is ok with the fact that past decades where crap and now it takes unified efforts to solve this.

This text was originally published in quora.

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