What are some of the biggest flaws of Quora?

Originally Answered: What do you think is the biggest flaw of Quora?Maybe the biggest flaw is the reason we like it as well : Quora is a private club, remote from the rest of the web, where we congratulate each other for all that knowledge we have and how clever we will get with such an amazing tool.

Quora is a very elitist community where you have to watch your steps, questions and comments to build your “web credibility “. No place for jokes, you have to stay serious and focused, or admin will shut you up. Jokes are allowed only if you have 1K+ answers and followers already. For posting memes, you need 10K+ or people will hate you forever.

Quora is the finest product for all  “experts “ : Quora requires to be a good speaker, and a good writer. That is, someone who really wants to talk about something he seems to know very well.

Those may not be the most interesting people to listen to, but they definitely rule the social web game. It is also very distracting to have such a pool of talented writers talking about anything. For that reason, I love to check my Quora feed - not for content really.

Then, biggest flaw is that Quora is completely remote from real life, except for the few people that are close in mind, hearth, business or location to a “Californian spirit “.

Quora is like a secret meeting for us to feel that we belong to some group with higher knowledge and interests, safe and protected by a beloved-and-hated admin censor from all those ugly things outside.   Fire the admin, open up content, publish a public API and we get rid of Quora flaws. Then Quora will be empty in the next few days.

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