What are the top ten issues which the new Chinese leadership should focus on in the next ten years?

  • Education system : reform Gaokao, try to deliver more actual skills to students, not only paper diploma. Build long-term relationships and exchange programs instead. Stop to conceive universities based on their real estate value.
  • Law enforcement, more specifically to address all industrial issues that actually lead to pollution,  workers exploitation, unsafe products …
  • Urbanization and development gap between provinces : Apart better water supplies for the North and hundred of millions of housing, a new administrative organization for new comers is needed as the actual hukou is a pain for the whole country and contribute to inequality and hate between people from different regions.
  • Agricultural : modernize and automatize to reach better efficiency as countryside is going to be quite empty soon.
  • Media influence: current cultural image worldwide is based only on communism and Chinese millenary history background - and therefore is quite unaccessible to non-Chinese
  • CCP and military modernization : manage modernization of the Parti without having to enter a war with Japan to clean the Party and get military happy. Update discourse and attitude about its neighbors so China can gain respect and good influence in Asia, not only business domination.
  • Growing prices : as housing is already unaffordable for most Chinese in tier one cities - and still growing, government will have to cope with top Chinese cities entering the club of the most expensive places in the world, and the gap it will create with other cities and villages in China.
  • Generation clash : China ‘s elder population will be soon a vast majority with only their unique son or daughter to sustain them. It will be both a problem of resources and culture. The differences between post 80s young adults and their parents who grew up during the cultural revolution, added to financial stress due to the absence of retirement fees will be very complicated to handle on micro (family) and macro (country) level
  • Pressure for historical debate : If some recent cultural trends shows that people are less and less interested in the soldier Lei Feng and the mythical version of the cultural revolution, it seems like there is much more ongoing discussion about what has really happen during that time than it was few years ago. Even public figures like Feng Xiaogang or Mo Yan have recently called to the parti for a reopening of discussions on that topic.
  • Foreigners coming : from Europe and the USA but also from Africa and South Asia. It means people coming to work but as well people coming to invest, and therefore may needs guaranty and protection to stay.

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