Is it strange that the Great Chinese Firewall blocks Twitter but state-controlled media like Global Times use Twitter?

A nice paradox indeed :)

Global Times is an English-language magazine, so they aim at reaching readers outside China. For Global Times their role is to spread CCP voice behind borders.

Another thing is that many Chinese journalists writing about international issues actually have Twitter accounts. There are also very active discussions about China politics and social issues on Twitter, not only among Chinese people but also including foreigners and people from Taiwan & Hong-Kong.

Chinese governmental media strategy is to build a global presence and be part of those debates - to show muscles and maybe influence them. You can read more about “50 cent party “ which are people paid by CCP to post governmental views into sensitive discussions.

Global Times has a Twitter account because even if Twitter isn ‘t part of social media landscape within China, it is a major piece of media worldwide and no international media can afford to avoid it, including Chinese media.

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