What 's so great about Baidu?

From a user perspective :

  • It is by far the best option to find any practical answer about something that is in China. About politics / history do check http://google.co.hk though ;)
  • It is 10 times faster and 100 times more reliable than Google within mainland China (Google works less than 1/3 of a time recently)
  • The Baidu groups 百度知道 are a golden mine for tips that makes one ‘s life  easier : recipes, opening hours, transportation, etc.
  • Baidu Groups will even provide you with things like direct download links for softwares and activation keys - for outlaws only, of course.
  • You can find entire movies and TV serials just by looking up their names on Baidu Video
  • A lot of free music on Baidu Music as well, with links to direct download from deep web FTP scanning. They even provide a desktop player 千千静听 with the lyrics for a karaoke training at home.
  • The search engine can be used as a dictionary as it offers directly Chinese translation for any English word you look up
  • It is the most crappy search engine ever when it comes to find something in a Western language
  • As Ajeet Gupta said, Baidu is absolutely ubiquitous on the Chinese Web. You can do everything from browsing to paying using Baidu ‘s products. Just have a look at Baidu ‘s product list : 百度产品大全
  • Their Chinese language input system for Android is just great

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