Generative logo design

Definition : “A generative logo use a computer-based algorithm to provide different shapes as basis for a visual identity.”

I was recently asking to create a logo and I thought about computer-based patterns/algorithm to generate it first.

Here are some examples of generative logo designs

The MIT Media Lab visual identity has been created in 2011. It is not a simple logo but a matrix to randomly create more than 4000 possible shapes based on a same pattern, one for each person inside the Lab.

MIT logo

Another pretty similar expeirment is the Casa Da Musica (Portugal). The logo by Sagmeister Inc provides different shapes based on a same logic to express every different kind of music that could be played inside the building

The Slovenian company Renderspace has come up with a little program that helps them to generate logo each time they like it

Many great example are to be found within the awesome Processing community, like this logo for a brand named SoundsGood.

Indeed,  Processing is the relevant tool to create such visual identity : clearly graphic-oriented, easy to code, providing online (javascript) and offline application (java), all you need is there.

In 2009, the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen has hired the london-based studio okdeluxe which has used Processing to create the logo of the event :

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