A new piece to my social pipeline

I am really fed up with reposting info to dozens of social networks services and still need such a long time to find works I have published. It is both very repetitive and time-consuming, two things that I like to avoid in my daily life as far as possible.

Isaac Mao discuss recently the new possibility offered to link web services to create what he called a social pipeline. To chain social networks has enable him to cross censorship borders, as even CCP cannot close every web services out there. For me, it is more about archiving and gathering in one place the best of what I am producing and publishing online. So far, I still not have the habit to update frequently my old website and blog, which imply that i didn’t keep track of my recent projects and publications.

Now it is becoming quite problematic to explain what I have been doing for last 2 years so I’ve decided to start  this blog to gather stuff I have been publishing recently. I use to recommend Tumblr to many non-tech friends, as it has a pretty straightforward and clean interface.

So I will be posting updates from here from now on.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading ! 

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