From Gdocs to Wordpress : a complete web-first workflow for newspaper

Since June, the Bangor Daily News has a new workflow for its articles to be published all the way down from online to offline. Worth having a look, if you want to build some community-managed publications. It uses gDocs for editing and Wordpress for publishing, very straightforward. It is all free, open-source and the code can be found here !

Thanks to Lauren Rabaino for the write-up and William Davis for the screencast.

A truly web-first workflow

  1. Reporters and editors compose all stories in Google Docs. Using labels and native commenting, the stories get sent through the editing process.
  2. When a story is ready to publish, it gets sent from Google Docs to WordPress with one click.
  3. In WordPress, editors can publish the story to the web, then set up a print headline and print subhead.
  4. The story then appears in inDesign, where print designers can lay out the print newspaper.
Quoted from 10 000 Words blog


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