triciawang oh what memories this military


Oh what memories this military hospital brings back. Just 3 years ago i did participant observation with women getting abortions and on the day we came here in May 2009, there was a big red banner: “Mother’s Day Special - discounts on abortions.” We found out that only the least bloody abortions were discounted. The bloodier the abortion, the less expensive and more affordable, but these are also the most invasive.

The participant I was with chose a less expensive package so she didn’t advantage of the Mother’s Day discount. After they performed the procedure, they gave her the option of buying food, like milk and bread, all of which were pre-packaged. The nurses tried to get her to buy the more expensive food products, telling her that it would help her heal. 

I’ll dig up that picture and my field notes to give everyone a glimpse  of abortion practices and culture.

(Taken with instagram)

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