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I am Clément Renaud.

I am passionate about knowledge and information design, and obtained a phD about data visualisation from ParisTech Telecom in 2013. I published a software Topogram to study the evolution of spatial and semantic networks, and recently launched the Micro Meso Macro conference at the Institute for Complex Systems at ENS de Lyon (France) to explore the new frontiers of data representations.

My interest for digital publishing lead me to China in 2008 where I built early prototypes of geo-navigation with QR codes, and founded a research/media lab with members of the Chinese Internet Blogger Conference.

Since then, I have investigated how technology was used to create new kind of urban spaces and representations in China’s growing megacities. Part of these findings were compiled in a book I edited at EPFL Press in 2020: REALTIME : Making Digital China, or documented as art projects, such as Shanzhai Archeology.

My recent projects focus on the intertwining of social, cultural, technological and natural ecosystems. I have recently taken a new role as executive director of a Shenzhen-based non-profit organization, Qiware.

I regularly give workshops and lectures about data, design, global innovation and topics more specific to my research like “maker culture” in China. I have taught in many schools and institutions across the globe (Paris Sorbonne, HEAD Geneva, Harvard, Fudan University, etc).

I write in English and French - sometimes Chinese. You will find most of my writings on this website, as well as my scientific publications and books.

Today, I divide my energy between writing, support for artistic and scientific initiatives, and consulting work for scientific institutions, governments, think tanks and private companies worldwide.

If you think about anything we should discuss, please reach out!

Clément Renaud.
May 2020

Some facts

  • Born in 1983.
  • Married.
  • Lives in Lyon, France and Shenzhen, China

Current Affiliations